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If you enjoy sewing, love textiles and designing, start or grow your career by completing an accredited course with Atelier School of Fashion Design and Sewing School.

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What Else Can I Learn at Atelier School of Fashion Design?

Available for adults and children all year round.

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Bring your machine to our studio and we will service it for you.

Atelier Melbourne provides alteration and upcycling service at its Brighton studio.

Clothes handmade to order which includes full measurements taken, pattern developed to style required, fittings with toils and final fitting.

Training with Atelier

Upgrade Your Career

In a world where change occurs overnight, consider what our accredited courses and units will do for you today.

Atelier Melbourne provides you with a career that is solid, stable and achievable within a short time frame.

Gaining the skills required for a career in the fashion industry is simply about

Fashion Career Inspiration

Reach out for a career in the fashion Industry – it is waiting for you to make the move. Read below for some ideas on careers where you can use your sewing skills:

  • Home business – in garment construction, alterations or working for a company as a
    seamstress, dressmaker.
  • Retail – use, understand and know everything about a domestic and industrial sewing
    machine, overlockers, buttonholes and more.
  • Assistant junior designer – illustrate, discuss the design processes and fashion
    industry knowledge.
  • Textile designer – understand colour theory, and fibres, simplify and improve colour
    in textile design and fabric printing. Optimise, and support creative ideas – mood
    boards using technology, videos and digital illustrations
  • Pattern maker – understanding garment construction and creating designs and
    developing patterns for that design.
  • Retail – selling couture garments or high street
  • Embellish garment – for a designer or own business.
  • Markets / pop up shops – home business creating children’s clothing and selling
  • Milliner – own business or assistant, designing and constructing hats.
  • Retail – selling hats.
  • Fitter – understanding garment construction and designs and fitting accordingly.

Who We’ve Worked With

“Loved the tutors at Atelier, their teaching styles were all about the student and how we learnt”

Atelier Melbourne is an inspiration, I fell in love with the studio, the warmth and charm was so calming. I enrolled in Certificate II and III in Fashion Design and Technology face to face and completed the courses in under 18 months. The face to face seminars were so energizing, everyone was so passionate about what they were making. What really helped was the on- going access to the trainers, by email, phone, video conference Skype, what’s app for quick questions. It worked well for me and now I love working in my own ‘pattern making’ business.

My mother said I should learn to sew at an academy owing to the fact that I was always making dresses for my friends but that was impossible. I didn’t finish high school, really hopeless at reading. Atelier Melbourne opened up a whole new life for me. I now own an ‘alteration business’ and I still make dresses for paid clients. Before I started the course with Atelier Melbourne, I received tutoring in reading and writing skills, in a short time I was ready to start the Fashion Design certificate III course. Atelier Melbourne’s teaching strategies are really helpful and was able to pass the practical and written open book assessments.

Fashion News & Resources

The range of careers in the fashion industry is ‘amazing and exciting’, and not one course alone will cover all areas of the industry. Atelier School of Fashion, Design Technology is innovated and believe in diversity, our tradition has been to provide tailored courses that meet the needs of our clients. Certificate II and III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology are courses that cover quite a few areas of the fashion industry, but not all. However, we pride ourselves by being able to offer ‘specific units’ for the needs of our clients to tailor their learning.

Careers in the fashion industry continues at a consistent pace, reinventing the design process, using creativity, imagination, initiative attributes that are required to work in this industry and where new talent is continuously being sourced. Our course content and practical components are all about being creative, applying designs, maintenance, colour. Applying various machines and technology to create textiles, and the application of embellishment for the end product that is separate, unique and distinct.

Are you that person that has creativity and initiative, but avoiding it?

Come out, be found and enjoy a new career.