About Atelier

The Atelier School of Fashion Story

Atelier School of Fashion is an International leader in Fashion Education with fully trained tutors to support their students. Tutors are degree holders specialising in education and have industry experience. Students have the option of retailing their finished garments through the Atelier workshop and are able to gain work experience.

Registered Training Organisation Number 41475

Fashion Design Courses

Atelier School of Fashion Design and Dressmaking provides the ideal learning environment. All learning takes place online or in the Atelier studio. Small classes enable students to feel comfortable and freely interact.

Tutors nurture and guide students to express their own designs through the understanding and appreciation of the elements of design that are integrated with historical and contemporary themes. Students learn about the fashion garment industry and the art of pattern making, draping, dressmaking / garment construction as well as, the way these necessary building blocks come together to make up the fashion garment and the industry.

Students are expected to attend classes, complete practical work and become fluent in the knowledge of the fashion garment industry. Students are also expected to maintain their own portfolio, complete study and work at home as well as complete assigned written and practical assessments.

“I am now working as a ‘seamstress’ and I specialize in ‘embroidery and beading’ work on wedding gowns but it wasn’t always so good”

The Training We Provide

Atelier's Open Day 29 February 2020