MST30819 – Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

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Course Description

A fashion design course with a diversity of skills for a career in the fashion industry. This includes sketching designs using sketches and developing these into trade drawings. In turn, garment patterns are drawn and used for the creation of garments using specialised sewing machinery.

Use of colour and the understanding of the Pantone colour pallets, sustainability and the environment, up cycling and alterations as well as costume maintenance, embellishment and embroidery are also a significant acquisition of skills learnt by students studying at Atelier School of Fashion.

A boutique and nurturing learning environment where students create their own portfolio and these include client briefs, specification sheets, case studies and garment / fashion boards. Portfolios can be used to apply for paid work or further study.

12 – 18 months duration, (blended learning) face to face and some homework. The course can be completed online and may include attending 6 weekends face to face seminars and practical components. This qualification requires competency in 19 units comprising 4 core and 15 electives.

Careers in the Textile and Manufacturing Industry

These include those who may have and interest in operating their own business in the fashion industry but there is also a need to up-skill and formalise your design and sewing skills.

Self-employment can be very satisfying and there are many creative fields in the fashion industry to explore these such as the Sustainable Fashion industry. This fashion movement really brings an awareness to the need to stop waste and an overuse of resources used in the industry.

In addition, there are opportunities to design and create children’s clothes for markets and/or local boutiques as a contracted embellisher for a designer or a dressmaker. Further opportunities are available as a designer’s assistant, machinist in a small studio or factory, retail assistant in fashion wear and children’s clothing or stylist / fitter, colour coordinator, costume maintenance assistant.

These suggestions are but a few of the many varied careers in the fashion industry.

MST30819 – Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology


  • Module 1: Environmental Practice, Work Safely
    – MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
    – MSMWHS200 Work safely
  • Module 2: Explore Fibres, Fabrics and Colour
    – MSTGN2011 Identify fibres, fabrics and textiles used in the TCF industry
    – BSBDES301 Explore the use of colour
  • Module 3: Draw Pattern & Identify Design
    – MSTCL2010 Modify patterns to create basic styles
    – MSTCL2011 Draw and interpret a basic sketch
  • Module 4: Machines Used in Garment Manufacturing and Sewing Components
    – MSTFD2006 Use a sewing machine for fashion designs
    – MSTCL2005 Use specialised machinery to assist assembly production
    – MSTCL2019 Sew components, complex tasks
  • Module 5: Garment Repairs, Product Quality & Standards
    – MSTCL3015 Perform garment repairs and alterations
    – MSS402051 Apply quality standards
    – MSTGN2006 Perform test or inspection to check product quality
  • Module 6: Develop Patterns and Prepare Design
    – MSTCL3009 Develop patterns from a block using basic patternmaking principles
    – MSTFD3003 Prepare design concept for a simple garment
  • Module 7: Embellish Garments and Assemble Swimwear
    – MSTCL3006 Assemble bra or swimwear
    – MSTCL3007 Embellish garment by machine or hand
  • Module 8: Modify Costumes and Produce Complex Garments
    – MSTCL3002 Prepare and produce a complex whole garment from specification
    – CUACOS303 Modify, repair and maintain costumes
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Course Enquiry

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