What People Say

They helped me with my reading difficulties, and discovered that in fact had learning difficulty, ‘dyslexia’. Teachers at school kept saying, ‘Dee you need to concentrate’. Let me tell you, it wasn’t slagging off because I did try at school. I felt my life was doomed back then! but l loved drawing and designing, making stuff like dresses for my little sister, even a pair of baby slippers when she was a baby. My happiest moments are when I am creating.


My mother said I should learn to sew at an academy owing to the fact that I was always making dresses for my friends but that was impossible. I didn’t finish high school, really hopeless at reading. Atelier Melbourne opened up a whole new life for me. I now own an ‘alteration business’ and I still make dresses for paid clients. Before I started the course with Atelier Melbourne, I received tutoring in reading and writing skills, in a short time I was ready to start the Fashion Design certificate III course. Atelier Melbourne’s teaching strategies are really helpful and was able to pass the practical and written open book assessments.


Atelier Melbourne is an inspiration, I fell in love with the studio, the warmth and charm was so calming. I enrolled in Certificate II and III in Fashion Design and Technology face to face and completed the courses in under 18 months. The face to face seminars were so energizing, everyone was so passionate about what they were making. What really helped was the on- going access to the trainers, by email, phone, video conference Skype, what’s app for quick questions. It worked well for me and now I love working in my own ‘pattern making’ business.

Freddie Leung

Courses at Atelier Melbourne, classes were structured in varied and interesting ways, teaching strategies were unique with a good deal of hands on learning face to face. The team work was really great because we supported each other and were encouraged to meet together between Atelier Melbourne classes. My dream career came true, I am working with a theatre company as an ‘assistant costume designer’ and am also ‘maintaining costumes’.


Loved the tutors at Atelier, their teaching styles were all about the student and how we learnt. I felt that I was always being attended too, nothing was too much, the tutors went out of their way to make sure that I understood the homework. I love my career as a ‘stylist’ in a large fashion house.


I was thrilled when I was asked to bring my sewing machine in on the first day for a free maintenance check by Atelier Melbourne. If we weren’t sure how to use our machines or what the attachments were used for, we knew by the end of the day. Atelier Melbourne was hands on, wonderful experience! I graduated in 12 months and am now working in a small design studio as an ‘assistant dressmaker’.


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Atelier's Open Day 29 February 2020